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The Texas Journal of Business Law

The Journal was originally called the Business Law Bulletin and was started in the early 1980's.  Search issues from 2011 to the present.

Volume 49, Issue 3 (Spring 2021)

What's inside:

Volume 49, Issue 3 (Spring 2021) - Table of Contents |

Volume 48, Issue No 1 (Spring 2019)

What's inside:

Spring+2019_Note_Huffman_Woodhaven+v.+Citibank.pdf | Spring+2019_Note_Strickland_Dig.+Realty+Trust,+Inc.+v.+Somers.pdf | Spring+2019_Note_Taghechian_Compass+Bank+v.+Calleja-Ahedo.pdf | Spring 2019_Note_Warner_Ticer v. Reed Migraine Ctrs. of Tex., PLLC (1).pdf |